A multidimensional artist, Eleni uses numerous media to animate her ideas.

“Eleni Anats' poetic photographs blur the boundaries between fact and fiction", Guardian, The Guide, Saturday 4-10th of August 2007.

“I love Eleni’s work for its ethereal quality, its warm colours and the way light is captured and given back. Her work is glowing in the full presence of being. It is uplifting, it has no shadows and it is a bridge from the finite dimension of the human being to the infinite and eternal”, Sonia Guzzo, handbag designer, private collector, March 2008.

"I love the photos, I love the capacity in capturing the essence and feelings of the moment bringing these qualities out ... also sculpture and installations have a lot of elegance, refinement and surreal aura", Arianna Consani, performance artist, August 2008.

"I find beautiful and very special the synthesis of colour and movement in the work of Eleni. I particularly like the photos of the Dancing Goddesses. These photos remind me of a modern take on the French air and light movement going back to Chardin and developed further by Renoir, Renoylds and Gainsbourgh . . . also there is a touch of Degas"
, Philip Stone, lecturer at London University, November 2008.

"I looked at your website and think you're fantastic, it's got a really special feel to it, I felt meditative just looking through it, you're an incredibly talented woman and I love your work. I really love the paintings they're amazing, I love the colours and the way you've captured the life ”, Mojdeh Moasser, architect, May 2010.

"What a sensational website!  Underlying all of your projects, especially the beautiful photography and delightful  “storytelling” paintings, is a powerful narrative, which is really at the heart of your work" , Simone Bloom, architect, May 2012.

"Thank you so much Eleni for the gorgeous photos! You have such an amazing talent! I need time for the beauty you created to sink in" , Natalie Ford, software developer and a free spirit, adventurer, lover, soul searcher, January 2022.




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