Eleni invites us to see the world with a transfigurative gaze and feel the wonder in every single moment.


Her work is a juxtaposition between one reality and another, between something that is physically present and the subtlety of what can not be easily perceived by the five senses. Her work deals with the themes of labyrinth; objects and phenomena beyond the perception of the senses; transitions; the complementary nature of opposite forces; angels and the different aspects of feminine energy. 


She explores her subjects in a wide range of materials and ways. Her work can vary from the simple object to the multi-sensorial atmospheric experience.

Eleni graduated from Central Saint Martins (University of Arts London) in 2005, with a BA (Honours) in Fine Arts. She has a BSc in Information Technology (1992) and a MBA (Master in Business Administration) (1994).

She is frequently engaged in projects that bring together art and spirituality.